Can I use Dapoxetine with oral ED medicines?

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Some men experience difficulty in getting an erection. Others find it hard to control their ejaculation. These both problems in males are known as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

In recent times more and more men face both most common male sexual disorders.two meds
Such men need two different medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

That is why, many men ask their doctors if they can use Dapoxetine with oral ED meds. Dapoxetine, according to the clinical trials, does not interact with any PDE-5 inhibitors including Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra.

So a man can safely use the recommended doses of any of these medicines with Dapoxetine.
Men should remember that the medicines are to be used only once in 24 hours in the doses prescribed by their doctors.

1Premature ejaculation is an ordinary condition among other sexual problems which men can encounter any time in their life. Ejaculation can occur during foreplay, before entering and soon after sex starts. It cannot be postponed anyway because a man is so excited or cannot absolutely control his ejaculation.

Men with PE tend to feel shame and guild in the situations when they are unable to keep their erections and climax too fast.

Still for some couples the time of 2-5 minutes is enough due to their physiological needs. But for most partners PE becomes a moment-killer when a woman only starts and a man has already finished.
So, the sufficient time for sex is defined by the couple itself. And this time can be different, therefore there is not properly adjusted or recommended time for having complete sexual intercourse which would be satisfactory for both.2

In some men certain physiological factors can increase early ejaculation. This may be foods which are spicy, cold, consumed regularly or just before having sex. Besides, men who eat not regularly and have long period of time without food can experience the same.

Having deficiency of night sleep can also result in fast ejaculation. Physical exertion, fatigue and emotional disturbance can lead to climaxing too fast.
Regular sitting or lying in uncomfortable position for long period of time.

To prevent fast climaxing is very important for normal and happy sexual life. It can help both partners stay satisfied and pleased.

3You can do several things to avert fast ejaculation. One of them is having regular sexual life without abstinence from sex. It is advised to have sex approximately 2 times a week.
Try not to blame yourself or your partner for any flaws, try to give him support and love.
For some couples it is rational to seek psychotherapy assistance for their issues. Others can discuss it between them and find the best decision.

If the problem happens do not get more stressed or worry about it. Be calm and relax before having sex. It can be techniques for relaxation such as meditation or yoga, self-hypnosis.
Get more information about other sex techniques, discuss them with your partner and your doctor.

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