PE and its symptoms

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4Premature ejaculation PE is a medical state when a male gets an orgasm too quickly and ejaculates too early without control.

Generally speaking, ejaculation in PE occurs very quickly before the necessary time or before a man and his partner wants it to occur.
Some men ejaculate as soon as they penetrate, others ejaculate before penetration.
Commonly, all men with PE have a lot of personal suffering due to inability to satisfy their partners sexually.
According to special PE research, practically all men experience early ejaculation at some point in their lives. Usually, younger men, who just start sexual experience and need to learn how to control their ejaculation, are the sufferers of early climaxing. Most of such men get the knowledge of how to control their body.
Those who cannot manage this condition by themselves should get a medical treatment or use certain techniques.
Some men can have a lifelong premature ejaculation. It means that they have this problem during a whole period of time. Others may develop this condition due to emotional problems, mental health issues and other factors such as stress.5
Other reasons behind the PE can be inflammation of the prostate gland or a spinal cord problem.
The symptoms of PE include:
• Early uncontrolled ejaculation;
• Ejaculation which occurs soon after penetration;
• Inability to have sexual pleasure because of PE;
• Depression, anxiety, embarrassment and frustration due to the PE problem.
Nevertheless what the cause of the problem is and what symptoms you experience, it is necessary to get the proper treatment which will improve the situation with ejaculation control and make better sexual life.

Causes of premature ejaculation

6Commonly fast ejaculation is caused by great anxiety and excitement which a man feels before sex. He can be overstimulated and ejaculate too fast after beginning. Actually it is not a problem, but a matter of getting more control over one’s feelings and desires.

Still if an anxiety becomes repeated thing you have each time you anticipate sex, the problem may really exist. This is a problem of early or premature ejaculation.
Among the other serious causes of premature ejaculation which a man may be having there are:

Long practice of restraining oneself from sex engagement.
Any kind of stress (job, family, financial and other).
Depression or any other mental disorder.
Sedative way of life or staying or sitting in one uncomfortable position.
Strong desire and anticipation of sex.
Adverse reactions from the medicines.

Solutions for PE problem

There are some of the methods to manage the problem of premature ejaculation.
Practically all methods need time to get more control over the problem. Only the medical method can help instantly –just after using a pill.

Other techniques demand certain time to practice and see the result. Such as squeeze and stop exercise of Kegel and many others require exercising repeatedly to achieve any positive outcome.

Done correctly and repeatedly these techniques as well as self-relaxation allow men getting control over ejaculations. The throw of sperm will be prevented, in the needed time you can stop and have a pause. Definitely if any of the techniques helps you, it is great. Still some males need more help to manage their problem.

Men, who seek help at their doctors’, often learn that the problem of premature ejaculation is their family problem. Genes can be blamed for it in some families.

Priligy medicine is the solution for severe cases or cases when the problem exists for a long time. Globally this is the first and the one most used medicine which really helps in difficult situations for both partners.


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