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Priligy is the oral therapy indicated for early ejaculation problem. To get rid of early climaxing or premature ejaculation, only Priligy can help. This medicine is able to postpone the early and undesired ejaculation and help to keep the time before climax.7
The problem with premature ejaculation relate to many men in their early experiences of sex. But the problem may remain in the mature years and badly affect the life and wellbeing of a man.
Premature ejaculation is characterized by early orgasm or ejaculation which occurs very early, when the sexual act only begins or even before it. This problem can be effectively treated with the medication such as Priligy.
Priligy contains Dapoxetine, a well –known element, assisting men in delaying the time of ejaculation. It manages the premature ejaculation and helps to avoid nervousness, anxiety and stresses related to this condition.
8Doctors treating premature ejaculation recommend Priligy as a very safe remedy for getting mature. By its nature, Priligy is an antidepressant, which provides certain delay in the time of ejaculation. Besides, it facilitates in enhancing the average period of sexual activity.
If you intend to use this medicine, do not be shy to consult your doctor. Priligy is very safe, it does not produce any serious of long-lasting side effects and can be used with the majority of other meds. Calm down with Priligy and feel free of premature climaxing.
You can use Priligy before 1 to 3 hours before planned sex. It is used orally with water. The suggested dosage is 30 mg for consumption not often than once a day. The increase in the dosage may be done up to 60 mg pills.
Do not overuse this medicine or mix it with other medicines indicated for premature ejaculation treatment.

Men’s opinions about Priligy9

John, Los Angeles

I was having PE since my first sex experience. Besides, I got muscle problems and sensitive penis. When I had relations with women I always thought how I would perform and it was really depressing for me. I was afraid of women. I knew that I should stop it and finally went to a doctor. He prescribed Priligy 30 mg and then said to try 60 mg of this medicine to compare the results. So, it was a miracle! I could last for 5 minutes after first taking Priligy 30 mg. Then my average time increased up to 7-10 minutes. My record was 15 minutes with Priligy 60 mg. Now I feel all the pleasures of this life. I love Priligy.

Bruce, NY

It was fortune for me to try Priligy for my premature ejaculation. I finished too quickly and my wife was always angry with me. We were practically staying apart cause I couldn’t have normal sex with her. After the first pill of this medicine I found that I was absolutely calm and relaxed. I felt no anxiety, no excitement. I could slow my sex drive and perform longer than usual. My wife was happy. No I have been using it for about a month and the results are even more amazing. I can last up to 20 minutes which was impossible before Priligy.

Samuel, San Francisco

With Priligy I usually have sex for about 30 mins. Without it I could not last even a minute. That’s a super medicine!

Charles, Phoenix

I usually felt the sudden need to ejaculate after about 2 mins of sex. It was embarrassing each time. Sometimes I could manage it, but most of the time my climax couldn’t be stopped. My friend advised me to try Priligy. I read that there were two doses and tried the smallest one – 30 mg. It helped me after the first time I used it. I’m using it now each time before having sex. I can stay as long as I wish. My girlfriend is happy.

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