What is Masters-Johnson method?

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Have you considered the Master – Johnson adjuvant method of PE treatment? If no, read the following info about this method and its effectiveness in dealing with early ejaculation.2
This method is based on the special exercises which should be done regularly during a rather long period of time (weeks or even months).
The exercises used in this method done regularly seem to be very effective as they help men get better control over their impulses and eventually over their ejaculation.
A man’s sexual partner should assist in training to keep climax until necessary time. The exercise involves gripping the penis with fingers which helps in repealing the uncontrolled urge to ejaculate. When a man is close to the climax, his partner squeezes the base of this penis.
Both partners should be tuned to the positive results and support each other.

Other methods and techniques

To hold the climax and prevent it from happening earlier than you wish you can try to relax before sex. Besides, such simple method as masturbation before having sex (just 6-5 hours before having sex) can help to reduce your penile sensibility and increase your chance to ejaculate later.

1Definitely there are useful methods to avoid quick climax and deprivation of normal sex. You can ask your doctor or sex therapist about them.
One of such options is to perform delay exercises. It involves pelvic region muscle control achieved with a serious of exercise practiced regularly to harden this muscle and get it more controllable. This can help you keep going longer in bed and ejaculate when you wish.
Controlling early climaxing can be helped with proper nutrition, lifestyle and physical activity. This includes eating good food, having regular physical activity, avoiding alcohol and smoking.

Local anaesthetic gels and creams can also be applied on the organ to produce the effect of slowing down. They are good to be used just before sex. They help to decrease the penile sensation. Still, the minus of such anaesthetic creams is the possibility to have skin side effects such as irritation and redness.

Treatment for mild cases of premature ejaculation may consist of psychotherapy, distraction techniques and pelvic region muscle exercises.3

For some patients doctors recommend using drugs which should be inhaled through the nose.
A special nose spray for PE treatment was developed to help males get more control over climaxing. The working substance in such spray is Tramadol, a medicine used to manage mild to severe pains. In other spays manufacturers offered the antidepressant substance called clomipramine. Such sprays imply quick entrance of the main component in the blood stream and thus faster action in the body than traditional pills.

Among the other methods worth to mention there are special constriction devices used to prevent early ejaculation. One of them is a constricting ring used on the penis, the other is vibrating silicone ring to be worn on the base of the penis.
Both devices are recommended for use with the Master and Johnson method.

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